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#20. Relationship between Manchester United and the league title in 17 songs, telling about United’s journey to it since last May.
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#01 - Seen It All \ Jake Bugg
I’ve seen it all now / I swear to god I’ve seen it all / nothing shocks me anymore after tonight

#02 - (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach \ Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
pour me one for the road / it’s a long journey baby / where it’s gonna take me just depends on the weight of my load

#03 - Seven Nation Army \ The White Stripes
everyone knows about it / from the Queen of England to the hounds of hell (+ oooooooooooh Robin van Persie)

#04 - Chances \ Athlete
take all your chances while you can / you never know when they’ll pass you by

#05 - Keep Your Head Up \ Ben Howard
keep your mind set, keep your hair long / keep your head up, keep your heart strong / keep your mind set in your ways, keep your heart strong

#06 - Rocky Balboa \ Scouting for Girls
now I’m broken, hoping you were just joking / when you left you ripped me wide open //  you can knock me down / but you can’t count me out

#07 - Rearrange \ Miles Kane
let it out, let it out, let it all out / you rearrange my mind

#08 - Radioactive \ Imagine Dragons
I raise my flags, don my clothes / it’s a revolution, I suppose / we’re painted red to fit right in

#09 - Hall of Fame \ The Script ft. will.i.am
dedicate yourself and you go find yourself / standing in the hall of fame / and the world’s gonna know your name / ‘cause you burn with the brightest flame / and the world’s gonna know your name / and you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame

#10 - Fire \ Kasabian
I’m on fire / move on, you got to move on / you gotta get you real good / so you can shake on

#11 - Six Weeks \ Of Monsters and Men
let go, lay to rest / we fall, we fall, we fall / we fall to the ground

#12 - Troublemaker \ Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida
why does it feel so good but hurt so bad? / My mind keeps saying / ‘Run as fast as you can’ / I say, ‘I’m done,’ but then you pull me back / I swear you’re giving me a heart attack

#13 - You’re My Star \ Stereophonics
you’re my Sunday, make my Monday come alive / just like Tuesday, you’re a new day, wakes me up / Wednesday’s raining, Thursday’s yearning Friday nights / then it all ends at the weekend, you’re my star

#14 - Ho Hey \ The Lumineers
I belong with you / you belong with me / you’re my sweetheart

#15 - Not Nineteen Forever \ The Courteeners
you’re not nineteen forever, pull yourselves together / I know it seems strange but things they change

#16 - Month of May \ Arcade Fire
month of May, it’s a violent thing / in the city their hearts start to sing / well, some people singing sounds like screaming / used to doubt it but now I believe it

#17 - I Won’t Share You \ The Smiths
I won’t share you / with the drive and ambition / the zeal I feel, this is my time

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